About Us

Dear Client,

Gurm.ee is our last business vision aimed to connect us directly with the private clients in Estonia.

The idea is to supply them the best and widest choice of gourmet food, mainly from Italy, our motherland.

We know there is a strong request of new, high quality food among Estonian privates that is ready to be fulfilled by our expertise in the field: we import and distribute since almost 20 years the best Italian food and delicacies for most of the best restos in Tallinn.

Our objective is to appeal to food lovers with:

- a very wide offer of gourmet products (up to 140 at present time) that will grow on the base of our experience and your requests and suggestions.  We have 20 categories of food and drinks with several sub-categories to ease your navigation and choices.

- to be multilingual: we try hard to offer info in English, Estonian and Russian languages. This is a costful choice but we believe to give a better service to our clients in this way.

- GOURMET, high quality, exclusive products and brands that You cannot find in generalist malls(not specialized on food) and other shops in Estonia.

- convenient prices for the quality offered due to a straight supply with the producers. Our suppliers are Excellences in their respective fields in the food panorama. This means that what you buy is the best quality you can achieve in the Estonia.

- We test personally our new products to offer the best tuned solution to gurmee lovers in terms of quality and price.

- We aim to propose also a wide range of gurmee BIO food too; BIO food is in fact a trend that is growing steadily and constantly in Estonia and abroad.

- We plan to upload RECIPES to show You how to use our products and to suggest you ideas for your next party or special evening. We are also open to your request about Italian recipes. 


Thus food lovers can find their way in our shop straight from their sofa by a tablet or a computer and even with a smartphone.

A simple and sober online layout has been our first step to meet your desires about gourmet food.

A Facebook page will help us communicate our news and advice to the public about Italian cooking: https://www.facebook.com/www.gurm.ee/

Therefore we invite you to visit our website, check our selections, enjoy ordering something exclusive because nothing else is available around with the same quality and price. Get it delivered at your door even within the same day.

Gurm.ee is born to be the biggest online Italian gourmet shop in Estonia and eventually in the Baltic Republics.

Gurm.ee is there to fullfill your dreams about Italian gourmet food.


Gurm.ee team wish you a nice purchase and “BUON APPETITO