Olive Oils

Olive Oils
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"Irreprensibile" Extra Virgin olive oil TURRI , 500 ml              
Elegant, Sofisticated, Mild , 100% ITALIAN, cold mechanical pressing, VERY low acidity 
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9,99 €
Extra Virgin olive oil "Primizia del Fattore", 250 ml, Cold mechanical pressing, low acidity, 100% Italian
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5,25 €
Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 100% ITALIAN, cold mechanical pressing, "Classico", 1 lt bottle.
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14,39 €
Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 100% ITALIAN, cold mechanical pressing, "Primizia del Fattore", 3 lt tin
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37,49 €
Rich, Tasty, NOT FILTERED Extra Virgin Olive oil , 100% Italian, cold mechanical pressing "GREZZO" - 1lt "Tusca" bottle
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16,19 €

L'immagine può contenere: 2 persone, cibo

--- Location: Tartu mnt 87e, Tallinn, Gemoss Eesti OÜ, First Floor, just right of main entrance ---

The event is for everyone who wants to bake as good a pizza as the pizza Master Josè.

No prior knowledge is required, but desire and readiness are important.

We will make and taste pizza in the place.

The training is in English and consists of the following parts:
1. Theory of flours
2. Dough making technology
3. Pizza coatings
4. Handmade pizza molding techniques
5. The whole truth about baking

The event is supported by the GURM.EE online shop, which sells authentic Italian products in Estonia.

They import flour to Estonia from the largest mill in Europe - Grandi Molini Italiani.

You can buy flour and other pizza products on site. Participation fee 25 €.

The participation fee paid guarantees a place in the training.