Мякоть помидоров "Polpa Chef", 5кг + 5кг = 10кг

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Мякоть помидоров "Polpa Chef", 5кг + 5кг = 10кг
ИНГРЕДИЕНТЫ: томатная мякоть.

ПИЩЕВАЯ ЦЕННОСТЬ на 100 г продукта:
Энергетическая ценность (кДж): 29,8 кДж
Энергетическая ценность (KCAL): 125 ккал
Жиры (г): 0,5 г
Насыщенные жиры (г): 0 г
Углеводы (г): 4,7 г
Из которых сахара (г): 4,7 г
Белки (г): 1,2 г
Соль (г): 0,03 г

Classic tomato pulp. From 100% Italian tomatoes, prepared in season from perfectly ripe selected varieties of fruit. Tomato pulp of high quality, bright red in colour, dense and well structured with a fresh taste. Ideal for sauces and condiments.
100% Italian tomatoes: Cultivated in the counties of Parma, Ferrara, Ravenna, Mantova, and Reggio Emilia.
Raw Material processed when fresh and only in the harvest season (August - September).
Exceptional performance in the kitchen: A superior quality product. It has an intense colour, a rich flavour and the EXTREMELY low content of skin, green and fibrous parts make it very versatile.
Serving Suggestions: This product is ideal for preparing pizzas and bruschetta; for sauces and condiments typical of the Mediterranean tradition.
2 aluminium bags of 5kg net weight.
weight 10
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