1.1. In this document, terms are used in the following sense:
1.1.1. Consumer - a natural person who acts for a purpose that is not related to his economic or professional activity;
1.1.2. Trader - a legal entity that operates for a purpose related to its economic or professional activity;
1.1.3. Goods - a thing or right offered, sold or otherwise marketed;
1.1.4. Service - a good offered, provided or marketed in another way, which is not a good, or other performance offered or performed;
1.1.5. Order - a statement of intent of the contracting parties to enter into a contract, transmitted by means of communication;
1.1.6. Wholesale - resale and mediation of goods to commercial consumers, institutions, organizations.
1.2. The GURM.EE website is an online Goods and Services online store and sales environment made available by ALMERC HOLDING.EE (registration code 10906894, KMKR EE100796120, address Õie 2-11, Tallinn; e-mail address: INFO@GURM.EE) (hereinafter: GURM. EE). By using GURM.EE and purchasing Goods/Services, the Consumer confirms his acceptance of the terms of use of GURM.EE and other information made available to the Consumer.
1.3. The invalidity of the provision in the GURM.EE terms of use due to its conflict with the law does not lead to the invalidity of other provisions.
1.4. The images of the Goods in the GURM.EE sales environment have an illustrative meaning.
1.5. GURM.EE may independently place the Order as a natural person with legal capacity (adult, person who has reached the age of 18). The person whose bank account or credit card was used to make the payment is responsible for the consequences of an Order placed by a person who does not meet the requirements.
1.6. Almerc Holding OÜ has the right not to fulfill the order of the Consumer's Order if the Consumer has not fulfilled the conditions, instructions or orders of GURM.EE, Almerc Holding OÜ or the Service Provider.
1.7. GURM.EE The service is not provided to a legal entity or a distributor or intermediary of goods.
2.1. The consumer is obliged to complete orders and payments for Goods/Services in accordance with the terms of use and instructions of GURM.EE.
2.2. Almerc Holding OÜ has the right not to execute the order submitted by the Consumer, if the Consumer has not paid for the Goods or Services, or if the Consumer's credit card does not have the funds for this purpose.
2.3. When using GURM.EE, the consumer is obliged to ensure the correctness of the information provided by him and not to use the sales environment to carry out operations not intended for that purpose.
2.4. The consumer does not have the right to copy, reproduce, distribute, transmit, modify and use the GURM.EE sales environment and its parts in any way without the written permission of Almerc Holding OÜ.
3.1. GURM.EE Goods are subject to the price of the Goods selected at the time of placing the Order in euros including VAT as follows:
3.1.1. When picking up the goods at the store, the Consumer pays the price indicated in euros at the time of making the purchase in the store, including VAT;
3.1.2. When the order is delivered via the Courier, the Consumer pays the price in euros including VAT at the time of payment in the GURM.EE sales environment. In the event that the product's sales price (campaign price) has changed by the date of delivery of the Goods, the price valid at the time of placing the Order will remain in effect;
3.1.3. In the case of a weighted product, the final price of the Goods is the price corresponding to the actual weight of the Goods. The Trader returns the price difference between the ordered and paid weight product to the Consumer's current account no later than 14 (fourteen) calendar days from the date of delivery of the Order;
3.1.4. The trader has the right to change the price of the Goods sold on GURM.EE;
3.1.5 Ordered Goods will not be delivered by Courier
on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.
Delivery cost:
А) Delivery the next day after the order - from
12.00 to 14.00 or from 18.00 to 20.00 (When submitting the order
before 21:00 of the previous day):
• In Tallinn – €7.69. Free delivery on orders over €49.99.
• Tabasalu, Tiskre, Kakumäe, Laagri, Kangru, Jüri, Pirita, Viimsi -
€14.99. Free delivery on orders over €69.99.
В) Delivery on the day of the order - from 18:00 to 20:00
(Until 13.00 for same-day orders):
• In Tallinn – €7.69. Free delivery on orders over €49.99.
• Tabasalu, Tiskre, Kakumäe, Laagri, Kangru, Jüri, Pirita, Viimsi -
€14.99. Free delivery on orders over €69.99.
3.1.6. The fee for the delivery service through the Courier is displayed to the Consumer at the time of placing the Order.
3.2. The Trader has the right to determine the highest quantity rate of the Goods ordered by the Consumer.
3.3. A deposit is added to the beverage packaging of the Product marked with a deposit, the amount of which is published at a separate price with the Product.
3.4. With the consent of the Consumer, the Trader may replace the Goods ordered in the Order with a replacement product equivalent in terms of its characteristics, quantity and price. Equivalent