Praetud Artišokid “ROMANA”, 2,5 kg

Ühik: metal tin
Laoseis: Laos
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Praetud Artišokid “ROMANA”, 2,5 kg
KOOSTIS: Artišokid (52%), päevalilleõli (42%), vesi, veiniäädikas, sool, petersell, küüslauk, basiilik, looduslikud lõhne- ja maitseained, happesuse regulaator: sidrunhape, antioksüdant: L-askorbiinhape.

TOITUMISALANE TEAVE 100 grammi kohta:
Energiasisaldus (KJ): 1749 
Energiasisaldus (KCAL): 424 
Rasvad (g): 41,7 
Millest küllastunud rasvhapped (g): 4,6 
Süsivesikud (g): 4,9 
Millest suhkrud (g): 3,7 
Valgud (g): 5,3 
Sool (g): 1,35 
Kiudained (g): 4,1 

Whole artichokes with stem, flavoured delicately and preserved in sunflower oil. 

Made with fresh artichokes and processed by hand: these artichokes undergo a traditional process which includes manual trimming of the fresh artichokes and then delicate blanching to preserve their consistency and natural colour. 

100% Italian artichokes (from Apulia region): Italy and in particular the south of Italy is the geographical area in the world with the highest production of this vegetable. Italian artichokes are considered the best quality with higher organoleptic characteristics than those cultivated and produced in Spain (second world producer) whose flavour is blander and the colour tending more to yellow. 

Tasty recipe: The artichokes ROMANA of Greci are prepared according to a recipe that uses sunflower oil and herbs. The recipe is delicate but appetizing, giving the product a very pleasant flavour. 

Excellent for grilled starters and mixed side dishes.

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