Itaalia seavorst "Zampone" RISERVA Modenast IGP, 1 kg

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Itaalia seavorst "Zampone" RISERVA Modenast IGP, 1 kg

WEIGHT: kg 1.

QUALITY: made in the town that hosts the “world’s biggest zampone” festival every year. A pork shoulder and rind filling in a casing consisting of the skin of a pig’s front trotter, which gives it its shape. Produced in accordance with the Zampone Modena Consortium regulations.

FLAVOUR: characteristically tasty and succulent.

Gluten-free. Glutamate-free. Dairy-free. Only natural flavors.
Preparation: put aluminium bag in hot water and boil it for 20 minutes. open the aluminiun bag: watch out!!! Inside there is very hot liquid to drain away. Cut in slices of your choice and serve it with smashed potatoes, Fagioli all'uccelletto side dish, sourkrauts, rosted potates, 

weight 1
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