Anchovies fillets from CETARA Mediterranean Sea in Olive oil - 45 gr

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CETARA Vahemerest pärit anšoovisefileed oliiviõlis - 45 gr
KOOSTIS: Anšoovise filee (engralius encrasiculus) (56% min), oliiviõli, merisool.

TOITUMISALANE TEAVE 100 grammi kohta:
Energiasisaldus (KJ): 840 kJ
Energiasisaldus (KCAL): 200 kcal
Rasvad (g): 13 g
Millest küllastunud rasvhapped (g): 2 g
Süsivesikud (g): 0,0 g
Millest suhkrud (g): 0,0 g
Valgud (g): 33 g
Sool (g): 10 g

The Anchovies fillets in oil from the Sea of Sicily are the best quality of the type in the whole Medeterrean sea.
The fishing and production of this Anchoivies are lost in the ages and represent not only a radicated, very old tradition of Sicily but a seal of the highest quality for this product. 
Spring – Summer fishing season: It is the right moment for surface fish which respects the environment and does not harm the seabed. In this period, the fish rise to the surface to feed and reproduce.
The Anchovies fillets in oil from the Sea of Sicily are a great match for salads, for cooking plates of fish or to boost the flavour of your daily pastas, to give an extra touch of flavour to your sandwichees or just to garnish your butter spread over a nice slice of bread.
A healthy food with lower quantity of salt compared to other anchovies producs, rich of proteins and omega 3.
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