"La Ricchezza del Grano" тип 2 Цельнозерновая мука для пиццы 25 кг

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Мука для пиццы из непросеянной муки "La Ricchezza del Grano" тип 2, 25 кг

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ПИЩЕВАЯ ЦЕННОСТЬ на 100 г продукта:
Энергетическая ценность (кДж): 1424
Энергетическая ценность (KCAL): 336

Жиры (г): 1,35
Насыщенные жиры (г): 0,3
Углеводы (г): 68,6
Из которых сахара (г): 1,4
Белки (г): 11,4

Salt:  0,005

This flour is produced by milling and sieving of a soft wheat blend free from foreign matters and

impurities in accordance with the Italian Laws.

Flour obtained by grinding of fine grains, whose germ was kept inside, after being reduced to flour
using a unique technique of stone grinding. Specifically designed for the high amount of fiber that
elevates the quality of the final product.

The stone ground flour, which keeps intact the content of vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids of
the germ, are ideal for the production of pizzas and breads.
weight 25
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