Tuunikala täidisega väikesed punased paprikad oliiviõlis - 212 ml

Ühik: Klaaspurki
Laoseis: Laos
6,99 €

38,83 €/Kg
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Tuunikala täidisega väikesed punased paprikad oliiviõlis - 212 ml

KOOSTIS: Väikesed punased paprikad 35%, oliiviõli 33%, tuunikala 25%, Anšoovise fileed, kapparid, petersell, veiniäädikas, sool.

TOITUMISALANE TEAVE 100 grammi kohta:
Energiasisaldus (KJ): 796 kJ
Energiasisaldus (KCAL): 192 kcal
Rasvad (g): 15 g
Millest küllastunud rasvhapped (g): 2,8 g
Süsivesikud (g): 2,2 g
Millest suhkrud (g): 2,17 g
Valgud (g): 12 g
Sool (g): 3,33 g

The Cantabric Sea: the waters of the Cantabric coast, situated north of Spain, are the best for anchovies, because they offer an ideal habitat for these fishes. More in detail, this cold, well-oxygenated sea, ensures abundant food for the anchovies. These factors combine to create an ideal fat layer in the fishes which makes their meat particularly delicious. 
Spring – Summer fishing season: It is the right moment for surface fish which respects the environment and does not harm the seabed. In this period, the fish rise to the surface to feed and reproduce.

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