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"Guanciale" peekoni vaakumis, umbes 1 kg

Ühik: tükid
Laoseis: Tellimisel
24,99 €

24,99 €/Kg
"Guanciale" peekon, umbes 1 kg, vaakumis
KOOSTIS: Sealiha, sool, sahharoos, vürtsid, säilitusained (naatriumnitrit, kaaliumnitraat).
Gluteenivaba. Piimavaba.

TOITUMISALANE TEAVE 100 grammi kohta:
Energiasisaldus (KJ): 2832 kJ
Energiasisaldus (KCAL): 687 kcal
Rasvad (g): 71,3 g
Millest küllastunud rasvhapped (g): 28,5 g
Süsivesikud (g): 0,5 g
Millest suhkrud (g): 0,5 g
Valgud (g): 12,0 g
Sool (g): 2,5 g

Kaal: umbes 1 kg


QUALITY: made with choice Italian raw material of the right consistency. After the traditional sea-salt hand-salting process left by the necessary standing time, it is cured for 3 months.

FLAVOUR: tasty due to the natural flavourings, underlined by the ground pepper. Curing is the final phase in the production of a product idea for enjoying sliced, but above all very suitable for use in the kitchen for delicious recipes.

weight 1
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