Чинотто Сан Пеллегрино - 200 мл

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Kинотто Сан Пеллегрино - 200 мл
ИНГРЕДИЕНТЫ: вода, глюкозно-фруктозный сироп, сахар, двуокись углерода, красители: E150d, ароматизаторы, подкислители: ортофосфорная кислота, лимонная кислота, экстракт хинотто, регуляторы кислотности: цитрат натрия, антиоксиданты: l-аскорбиновая кислота, соль.

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CHINÒ San Pellegrino
Since 1958, the inimitable taste of Sicilian chinotti
Chinò Sanpellegrino was born in 1958 from a secret recipe and is considered a true cult among Sanpellegrino drinks. Produced with Sicilian chinotti from a controlled supply chain and harvested at the beginning of maturation, it contains in one sip the best aromatic profile to make your breaks rich in taste.
Chinò Sanpellegrino has a clear brown color, with shades of intense brick orange and a sparklingness that caresses the palate with fine and persistent bubbles.
Every sip of Chinò Sanpellegrino takes you on a journey to Southern Italy with its unique and irresistible taste, the exquisite aroma of chinotti combined with the scent of orange blossom buds.
Chinò Sanpellegrino will surprise you at every taste thanks to the balance between sweet and bitter: intense notes of candied citrus and a pleasant bitter finish given by the woody notes that remain on the palate.
Serve it very cold, at 6-8 °, adding a slice of orange to further enhance the flavor of the chinotto.

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